Defants vSIRT release 1.12.0

We’re delighted to announce the latest version, v1.12.0, of Defants vSIRT, where you can discover new features, enhancements and fixes to make your experience smoother and more efficient. Explore now the additions and enhancements this release brings.

New features

  • Advanced Rule Management: Take control of detection with advanced rule management features for YARA, Sigma, and IoC Watcher, along with a convenient rule editor integrated into the user interface.
  • Introduction of the VHDX Microservice: We have added the VHDX microservice to extend our platform’s capabilities in analyzing VHDX artifacts, a format for virtual hard drives that supports larger disk sizes and offers enhanced protection against data corruption.
  • Enhanced IoC Detection: Improve the detection of Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) with the introduction of the IoC Watcher microservice, enabling IoC detection in the Defants vSIRT knowledge graph.
  • Advanced Security: Advanced management of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) usage among platform users, ensuring enhanced protection of data and resources.
  • Investigation Assistance: Integration of Defants Copilot, an AI-powered threat investigation assistant. It is now integrated into the Graph interface for smooth daily use.
  • Advanced Graph Exploration: Our graph module now enables in-depth exploration of all the shortest paths between nodes, thus facilitating the analysis of relationships in a complex node network.


  • Refined components: Various components such as table view effects and logs settings have been refactored to improve formatting, add sorting functionality and enhance the user experience.
  • Optimized performance: Code refactoring in the microservices configuration guarantees improved stability and reliability, delivering a smoother operational experience.
  • Improved visualizations: Updates to column widths, error handling and filter functionality improve the visual representation and usability of components such as logs settings and effect score timeline.


  • Problems solved: Various fixes address concerns such as MIME type discrepancies, formatting errors and performance issues, ensuring a more robust and reliable system.
  • Improved error handling: Error handling in microservices and other components has been refined, minimizing interruptions and ensuring smoother operations.

With v1.12.0, we offer Defants vSIRT users enhanced functionality, improved performance and a more reliable system. Explore the full potential of our Defants vSIRT platform today to stay ahead of the game in your threat investigation activities.

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