Head of Incident Response Team

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your CSIRT operations.

Our solution has been tailored to your needs, with the help of experts in Incident Reponse, so you can improve the efficiency of your team, increase the effectiveness of your investigations and ensure that you or your customers are responding to threats in the best possible way.

Incident Response Team Leader

Unleash your team's full potential by unifying them around a single platform

Collaboration at every level

Centralize communication, knowledge sharing and decision-making for quicker incident resolution

Multiply the strenghs of your team

Enable real-time information exchange among analysts, leveraging collective expertise

Report to client at any time

Stay updated on live investigation progress for swift decision-making and resolution

Monitor your teams performance and progress

Monitor investigations with dynamic dashboards and comprehensive reports

Drive your operation accurately

Streamline communication and actions for faster and efficient incident management

A woman on her computer collaborating during an incident on the vSIRT platform

Maximize Incident Collaboration with Defants vSIRT

Improve your team performance

Defants vSIRT allows you to increase the performance of your activities with automation, process and collaboration. Save time investigating repetitive tasks, so you can focus on the jobs that really matter and build agile offers for your clients.
Defants vSIRT gives your team a competitive edge in investigating threats efficiently and effectively.

Unify your processes

Connect your analysts to build one performant team with collaborative working and a unified streamline process. Our customers can confidently bring on analysts with just 1 year of experience, without compromising on quality or expertise.

Care for your team

Your team deserve the best tool to excel in their missions. Help experts focus on the critical part of an investigation and leverage their expertise for all their team-mate, with a single tool.
With Defants vSIRT, address the global cybersecurity skills gap with on-boarding junior profiles

Drive efficiently your activity

Manage your teams’ performance with Defants vSIRT key performance indicators. Follow closely all the steps of the investigation from the initial Indicator of Compromission tagging, to the final report edition, including timeline construction. Ask your experts for advice and help juniors with notes on specific attributes. All of your team expertise is one click away.

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Redefine Digital Forensic and Incident Response with Defants vSIRT