Cyber Incident Response

We offer a comprehensive reactive approach in cyber incident response, focusing on prompt detection, effective containment, and efficient recovery from security breaches

Handle breaches with confidence

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  • 50% of risk of bankrupt 6 months after an incident Source : Cyber Threat Landscape 2022, ANSSI
  • 66% of CISO report their organization is vulnerable Source : Kroll Cybersecurity
  • 69% of companies targeted by cyber attacks are very small businesses Source : Guardia School

Complete cyber incident response

Defants Cyber Incident Response manages all facets of cyber breaches, from investigation to crisis management, using industry-leading expertise. This includes full technical investigation, containment and recovery efforts to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our approach

Frontline expertise

Defants, has been supporting the most prestigious MSSPs since 2021, to respond to cyber incidents and rapidly identify, assess and correct breaches, ensuring rapid business recovery.

Rapid response

Regardless of your organization's size, Defants experts can start work swiftly, analyzing your environment for signs of malicious activity within hours.

Crisis management

Incident responders have the latest technology and a wealth of experience to guide customers through the management of their cybersecurity incidents.

Cutting-edge threat investigation technology

Our threat investigation consultants systematically deploy and take advantage of our technology with a set of collaborative, automated tools and always up-to-date threat intelligence to ensure a competitive edge against threat actors, by facilitating a deeper understanding of attacker pathways and the tactics, techniques and procedures employed.

Cyber Incident Response Assistance

Need immediate assistance for a possible incident or security breach? You’re in the right hands.