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Focus on threat investigation and automate your workload.

Focus your energy on investigating the threat itself and highlight the critical steps taken by threat actors, diverting you from routine tasks such as analyzing digital forensic artifacts and verifying signatures. Defants vSIRT was created by experts for experts to automate and simplify your work as much as possible.

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Discover how Defants vSIRT revolutionizes investigation's report for smooth, accurate incident response

Respond to an incident in minutes

Generate the context you need to understand each incident at a glance

Understandable investigations

Create powerful executive summaries for rapid decision-making

Go further than ever in your investigations

Conduct in-depth investigations with ease, using an integrated methodology

Save time for investigations that are worthwhile

Get informed conclusions using automated data analysis

Avoid time-consuming report writing

Collaborate instantly with your team for complete and accurate reports

Defants vSIRT by its users

Defants vSIRT facilitates collaborative analysis on both small and large perimeters. I was quickly surprised by the speed with which I was able to get answers about events that had taken place on the analyzed datasets.

Lucas Benoit, CSIRT Analyst, Naval Group

Defants vSIRT is an excellent solution that can provide key information on an attack in just a few minutes, saving the analyst valuable time in investigating, interpreting and understanding the incident.

Nicolas Malarange, CSIRT Analyst

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Simplify your Investigation Reports with Defants vSIRT

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Collaboration and Automation

Defants vSIRT allows you to create automatic Timeline and Report generation, with all the benefits of our semantic rules but also Yara, Sigma and Mitre Attack rules as well as your own rules

Share your knowlegde

During analysis, each time an analyst examines an effect or sequence, he or she can tag them (legitimate, suspicious, malicious), insert notes and comments – for use by team members.

Collection formats

Defants vSIRT supports the majority of tools on the market (DFIR ORC, Unix, Kroll, Own, Velociraptor…) and  has an Open API for collection data injection.

No-Code platform

The knowledge graph is a new way of representing the data collected and to be analyzed. This view offers a simpler way of tracking attack paths and onboarding junior profiles more effectively.

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