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Find here all the videos to learn use Defants vSIRT and our semantic graph in minutes.

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Defants vSIRT, the best Threat Investigation Platform

Connector HarfangLab

Introducing the Defants vSIRT connector and HarfangLab EDR – two innovative and complementary solutions for the modern SOC.

Semantic graph

Discover how it enables users to organize their knowledge, analyze their data and obtain visual information. Say goodbye to information overload and hello to clarity !

Semantic graph filters

Explore filter features to start investigating a semantic graph. Using filters, you can quickly identify nodes with similar characteristics and better understand how they are connected.

Semantic investigation

Discover how to use semantic investigation to identify and analyze key elements in your graph. No need to waste time searching for important data, encoded or encrypted, it simplifies the process to make your analysis more efficient !

More efficient collaboration. Find out how to optimize your survey collaboration and save time.

Team report creation

Discover how Defants vSIRT revolutionizes survey collaboration. Edit and generate reports seamlessly and as a team.

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