Threat Investigation

We can quickly identify when and what was compromised efficiently and assess the pathway to attack.

Defants challenges threat investigation with its partners since 2021.

Identify, analyze, understand threats

Act now

  • 400% Increase of cyberattacks since 2020 Source : ANSSI
  • 500K€ of medium cost of a cyberattack Source : CISCO
  • 39Sec Every time a cyberattack occurs Source : Maryland University

Empowering Swift and Secure Investigations

Using our cutting-edge technology, Defants’ threat investigation consultants can start scrutinizing data from numerous endpoints within a matter of hours or less, using integration with third-party technologies like EDR.

Our approach

Time is the matter

Concrete evidence of the compromise is detected within minutes of the start of the investigation.

Investigative experience

Defants' experts have perfected their skills through the execution of the most intricate investigations.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, we guarantee fast, relevant results.

In-depth analysis

Our service includes comprehensive analysis, covering live response, log analysis, forensic investigation approach, malware analysis to determine the attacker’s actions, establish the attack vector, timeline, and extent of compromise.

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