Discover the new way to Investigate Threats with automation and collaboration.

Defants vSIRT solution provides numerous features to reduce your teams’ workload while improving the precision of your threat investigation.

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Increase performance

Defants vSIRT meets a major challenge in incident response: team efficiency.

Organizations targeted by cyber attacks enter a race against time from the moment the incident is detected, until the remediation. They need to respond, therefore to investigate efficiently and effectively to contain the incident as quickly as possible.

With this in mind, Defants vSIRT is deployed in Incident Response teams. Our customers have measured a significant improvement in their business processes, team management and use of the tools at their disposal.

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Offer new services

Demand for cybersecurity services is growing among all kind of organizations. Service providers therefore need to be able to adjust their offering to meet this demand and capture new markets.

This is the aim of one of the major players in this sector, using the Defants vSIRT platform. Managed SOC services have been around for a long time, unfortunatly are often disconnected from Incident Response, which is entrusted by Incident Response teams. With a common threat investigation platform, it is possible to bridge SOC and Incident Response to recreate a strong and efficient link between them. In this way, the SOC can carry out initial detection, and first investigation capabilities, enabling Incident Response teams to focus on the most critical threats.

In this way, our customers have been able to multiply the number of incidents they can handle, and tackle the smaller incidents faced by all organizations.