We provide innovative products and professional services for all businesses. Defants is actively seeking new talent and is collaborating with Wijin Academy to offer certified training in threat investigation.

This training provides participants with the skills needed to conduct in-depth threat investigations in today’s ever-changing cyber landscape.

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About Defants

Defants innovative products and professional services for all organizations. Founded in 2021, Defants aims to help organizations detectanalyze and respond to cyber threats faster and more efficiently.

Defants offers a platform that integrates data from various sources, such as network, endpoint, cloud and threat intelligence, and applies a unique advanced analytics, called semantic investigation, and automation to enhance SOC and CSIRT capabilities.

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Join-us !

Defants is always looking for new talents, do not hesitate to tell us your motivations and we will get back to you !


In collaboration with Wijin training organization, we proposed a Threat Investigation class, Qualiopi certified.

In today’s rapidly evolving cyber landscape, the ability to effectively investigate threats is paramount. This training program is designed to equip participants with the necessary skills and methodologies to conduct comprehensive threat investigations.