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Investigate threats closer to detection and improve your response.

Investigating threats quickly after detection offers a powerful approach. Indeed, preemptively investigating and responding to threats at their earliest stages ensures that adversaries are countered on entry, not after infiltration.

With this strategy, protect your critical assets or those of your customers, and stay one step ahead of constantly evolving threats.

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Scale up with Defants vSIRT

Respond in minutes

Deploy ready-to-use investigative instances at your customer site

Easy to scale

Integrate Defants vSIRT plateform with existing collection tools

Save expertise for added-value missions

Benefit from automatic investigation before your analyst intervenes

Treat more incidents with the same team

Increase your margins by expanding your operational capacity

Leverage periods of low activity

Schedule investigations without impacting the workload of your operational teams

Differentiate from your competitors

Harmonize your investigation methods and deliver high quality services to your customers

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Opt for automated and proactive investigation with Defants vSIRT

Increase your profitability

Defants vSIRT platform helps you achieve faster Mean Time To Respond (MTTR) and Mean Time To Contain (MTTC), enabling your team to respond to incidents quicker and with greater efficiency.

Faster response means higher value-added service for end-customers, but also load balancing and the possibility of distributing tasks over several teams/regions.

With our platform, you can simplify your operations, boost automation and increase productivity all in one place.

Rationalize your costs

Streamline your DFIR operations with our platform and achieve a remarkable 36% reduction in the number of tools required.

Our customers can confidently bring on board analysts with just 1 year of experience, instead of the traditional requirement of 3 years. This means managers can tap into a wider pool of talent and save on recruitment costs, all while maintaining the highest level of quality and expertise.

Defants offers modern pricing option, helps you build new offers and is designed to scale up your profitability.

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