Defants attended the InCyber 2024 event held at the Grand Palais in Lille!

We were delighted to take part in the event and to meet you!

What is Incyber Europe?

The InCyber Forum (FIC) aims to encourage reflection and exchanges to promote a global vision of digital trust. Initiated in France by the Ministry of the Interior and the Hauts-de-France region, the FIC has become a reference in Europe over the years. It brings together institutional, economic, academic and technical players. Today, the European FIC takes place over three days in Lille, offering exchanges and technical demonstrations, attracting nearly 20,000 participants and 650 partners.


  • Day 1

-Pitch Inno 1 with François Khourbiga, who invited us to dive into the heart of investigation with Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenIA), exploring the opportunities of intelligent investigation for proactive defense.

-Announcement of partnership with This strategic collaboration places Cyber Threat Intelligence at the heart of our threat investigation software, Defants vSIRT.

Our commitment to OpenXDR demonstrates our determination to offer a cutting-edge, interoperable security solution, promoting improved collaboration and greater efficiency in the fight against threats.

  • Day 2

-Announcement of the partnership between Defants and Almond. We join forces to strengthen the boundaries of cybersecurity. Our partnership, unveiled at the InCyber Europe Forum (FIC) 2024, is the result of close collaboration to improve threat integration using our Defants vSIRT platform.

-Pitch Inno 2 with François Khourbiga (CEO Defants) and Tristan Pinceaux (Lead CERT Almond) who showed us how to turn threat investigation into a growth lever for managed security service providers (MSSPs).

They invited us to explore “The challenges of incident response automation”:

  1. The paradox between “speed and quality”, always to the benefit of customers
  2. The importance of capitalizing on experience and collaboration
  3. The central role of tools in meeting this challenge

-Live demo with Tristan Pinceaux on our stand “Pavillon Bretagne F23-4 Defants” to discover how Almond, with the help of Defants, offers its customers faster, more comprehensive and ever more appropriate incident response.

  • Day 3

On the final day of the InCyber Europe Forum (FIC), we announced our strategic collaboration with Astek. Together, we are developing a threat investigation capability to enhance the security of Astek’s customers.

Thanks to this alliance, and under the leadership of François Khourbiga and Arnaud Bonset, we offer cutting-edge TDIR (Threat Detection, Investigation and Response) expertise via our innovative vSIRT platform.