Defants named by Gartner as Cool Vendors 2023 for the modern security operations center !

What is Gartner Cool Vendor?

Gartner’s expert analysts use the following guidelines and approach to identify and study “Cool Vendors”. A vendor must be considered innovative, influential or intriguing in the IT products or services sectors.

“Cool Vendors” are not limited to technology, but may also offer unique services or business models.

  • Innovative: the vendor has developed technologies, products, services or business models that enable users to do things they couldn’t do before, in a way that is materially different from other options on the market, due to their unique or novel approach.
  • Impact: the supplier offers technologies, products, services or business models that have or will have a transformative business impact, and can transform a market.
  • Intriguing: the supplier has aroused Gartner’s interest/curiosity. The supplier helps organizations identify an upcoming trend.