Defants and Astek collaborate to enhance customers’ threat investigation capabilities.

We are a French startup specialized in threat investigation and were recently named Cool Vendor by Gartner for Modern SOC. Today we announce our strategic collaboration with Astek, a renowned French ESN, to develop a robust threat investigation capability for Astek’s customers.

A promising collaboration

Led by François Khourbiga, co-founder of Defants, and Arnaud Bonset, Director of Operations at Astek, our collaboration aims to provide Astek customers with state-of-the-art TDIR (Threat Detection, Investigation and Response) capability thanks to the innovative platform developed by Defants, Defants vSIRT.

This collaboration offers considerable benefits

For Astek customers:

  • Access to Defants’ threat investigation expertise
  • Support from analysts trained by Astek to excel in TDIR
  • Promotion of an innovative solution and leading experts to a wider customer base

For Astek:

  • Training tailored to junior and expert profiles in threat investigation
  • Accelerated adoption of TDIR strategies by corporate customers

For Defants :

  • Access to a pool of experts

Strategic collaboration for a safer future

Our collaboration with Defants and their innovative technology and holistic approach to threat detection, investigation and response (TDIR) aligns perfectly with our vision at Astek. By combining their capabilities with our real-time collaboration tools, we are strengthening our ability to effectively protect our customers' digital assets. In addition, Defants' team of experts, with years of incident response experience and affiliations with renowned industry leaders, will play a key role in developing our threat investigation capabilities. This collaboration promises unparalleled cybersecurity services, positioning Astek as a leader in the adoption of TDIR strategies for a more secure and resilient digital landscape. I'm very excited and look forward to redefining cybersecurity standards with Defants.

Arnaud Bonset, Director of Operations, Astek

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