Enhancing your organization’s cybersecurity capabilities, the collaboration between HarfangLab and Defants vSIRT’s specialized threat investigation platform proves to be a strategic augmentation. Defants vSIRT, focused on threat investigation rather than orchestration, complements HarfangLab’s proactive threat detection. This partnership allows for a seamless synergy, combining HarfangLab’s real-time threat identification with Defants vSIRT’s in-depth investigative capabilities for a comprehensive cybersecurity approach.

Defants vSIRT with HarfangLab EDR

Connecting Threat Investigation and Detection

Defants vSIRT’s investigative expertise empowers security professionals and IT administrators to thoroughly analyze potential threats pinpointed by HarfangLab.
This integration streamlines the investigative process, providing a user-friendly interface for efficient management of threat investigations and insights.

By uniting HarfangLab’s dynamic threat detection with Defants vSIRT’s investigative strengths, your organization can take a proactive stance in understanding and neutralizing potential threats comprehensively. This collaborative approach enhances the overall efficacy of HarfangLab’s EDR solution, delivering a well-rounded defense against the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats. This integration empowers your organization to maintain resilience and responsiveness in the face of evolving cybersecurity challenges.

Integrations with Defants vSIRT

Automated Collection

Streamline the real-time retrieval of crucial threat information, reducing investigation time.


Simplify the investigation process by automating data collection and analysis, freeing up valuable time for swift response.

Single Console

Unify the investigation experience with a centralized console, eliminating the need to toggle between different EDR interfaces.

Consistent Visibility

Attain a unified view of your entire IT environment through our EDR connectors, enabling comprehensive threat analysis.


Real-time Threat Detection : HarfangLab EDR employs sophisticated algorithms and machine learning to detect and respond to threats in real-time, enabling organizations to proactively identify and mitigate potential risks.

Behavioral Analysis : The platform utilizes behavioral analysis techniques to identify suspicious activities and anomalies, allowing for early detection of potential security breaches before they escalate.

Automated Response : HarfangLab EDR automates response actions to mitigate threats swiftly, reducing the risk of damage and minimizing the impact on organizational operations.


Threat Intelligence Integration : The platform integrates with threat intelligence sources to provide organizations with up-to-date information on emerging threats, enhancing their ability to respond effectively to evolving cyber threats.

User-friendly Interface : HarfangLab EDR features a user-friendly interface that simplifies the management of security operations, enabling security professionals to monitor and respond to threats efficiently.

Scalability : The platform is designed to scale with the needs of organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises, ensuring that cybersecurity needs are met as the organization grows.

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About Harfanglab

HarfangLab stands as an advanced Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution crafted to assist organizations in countering the constantly evolving landscape of cyber threats. Offering real-time visibility, detection, and response capabilities, HarfangLab effectively secures an organization’s endpoints, fortifying its overall cybersecurity stance.

The distinctive value of HarfangLab lies in its capacity to identify and address both known and unknown threats, ensuring organizations are well-prepared to confront sophisticated cyber-attacks. Through the utilization of machine learning algorithms and behavioral analysis, HarfangLab detects and mitigates threats proactively, averting potential damage to an organization’s infrastructure and reputation.

Primary users of HarfangLab include security professionals, IT administrators, and managed security service providers (MSSPs) seeking a robust EDR solution for endpoint protection. The platform caters to the requirements of small and large-scale enterprises and seamlessly integrates into existing security infrastructures.

Fundamentally, HarfangLab continually monitors endpoint activities in real-time, analyzing data to detect anomalies and suspicious behaviors indicative of potential threats. Upon detection, HarfangLab’s advanced analysis capabilities determine the severity and nature of the attack, providing actionable insights and automated response options. This empowers security professionals and IT administrators to swiftly mitigate threats and safeguard their organization’s assets.

HarfangLab’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive reporting capabilities simplify the understanding and management of an organization’s cybersecurity risks. The platform also supports seamless integration with other security tools and platforms, ensuring a holistic approach to endpoint protection.

In essence, HarfangLab is a comprehensive EDR solution offering real-time visibility, detection, and response capabilities to fortify organizations against cyber threats. Its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and seamless integration make HarfangLab a valuable asset in any organization’s cybersecurity toolkit.