Glimps Malware offers advanced malware analysis capabilities. It automatically executes malware samples in a sandbox environment for behavioral analysis, providing insights into their actions without compromising network security. Users can generate customizable reports and integrate the platform with other cybersecurity tools for enhanced effectiveness. Overall, Glimps Malware helps organizations analyze and understand malware behavior to strengthen their cybersecurity defenses.


Integrating Glimps Malware with Defants vSIRT enhances threat detection, incident response, analysis, and remediation capabilities. Glimps Malware provides advanced malware analysis, enabling Defants vSIRT to detect and analyze threats effectively.

This integration allows for seamless correlation of malware analysis data, enriching analysis and providing contextual understanding of threats. Automated remediation actions based on real-time analysis results improve incident response efficiency.

Additionally, comprehensive reporting facilitates clear communication of security incidents. Overall, the integration strengthens organizations’ cybersecurity posture by bolstering their ability to detect, analyze, and respond to malware threats effectively.

Integrations with Defants vSIRT

Enhanced Functionality

External tool integration boosts Defants vSIRT capabilities, offering specialized functionalities like malware analysis and threat intelligence.

Streamlined Workflows

Integrating tools simplifies investigation processes within Defants vSIRT, reducing manual tasks and improving efficiency.

Enhanced Collaboration

Tool integration promotes teamwork by facilitating data sharing and analysis results among security teams.

Improved Decision-Making

Access to a broader range of information through tool integration enables more informed responses to cybersecurity threats.

Advanced Malware Analysis : Glimps Malware offers sophisticated malware analysis capabilities, allowing organizations to analyze and understand the behavior of malicious software.

Automated Sandbox Execution : The platform automatically executes malware samples within a sandbox environment, providing insights into their behavior without risking the organization’s network security.

Behavioral Analysis : Glimps Malware conducts behavioral analysis of malware

Customizable Reports : Users can generate customizable reports based on the analysis results, facilitating clear communication of findings and recommendations within the organization.

Integrations : The platform offers integrations with other cybersecurity tools and platforms, enhancing its effectiveness and usability in various security environments.

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About Glimps

GLIMPS, founded in 2019 by four experts in reverse-engineering, offers cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions powered by revolutionary Deep Learning technology.

This technology enables rapid automation of binary analysis and threat detection, addressing the evolving challenges posed by increasingly sophisticated cyber attackers. The company has garnered recognition in the cybersecurity community, including prestigious awards such as the Grand Défi Cyber and the European Cyber Week.

With a team of dedicated professionals, GLIMPS continues to expand its presence in the industry, offering SaaS and on-premise solutions tailored to the needs of companies and administrations.