Cyber@Station F: Accelerating Talent in Cybersecurity

The Cyber@Station F program, orchestrated by Thales, stands out as one of the most prestigious gas pedals in the cybersecurity field. It aims to propel innovative startups forward by offering them invaluable resources and a network of influential contacts. In this context, we are delighted to announce that Defants has been selected to join season 7 of this prestigious program, marking an important milestone in our mission to revolutionize cybersecurity through generative artificial intelligence (AI) and automation.

What is Cyber@Station F?

Cyber@Station F is a six-month program designed to accelerate cybersecurity startups. Located at Station F in Paris, the world’s largest startup campus, the program offers a unique environment for innovation and collaboration. Thales, a world leader in cutting-edge technologies for the defense, aerospace and security markets, is piloting this program with the aim of co-developing innovative cybersecurity solutions and supporting the emergence of future global champions in this sector (Cyber@StationF) (Thales Group) .

Advantages for Defants

Access to a Network of Experts: By joining Cyber@Station F, Defants will benefit from Thales’s expertise in cybersecurity, accumulated over more than 40 years. This opportunity enables us to collaborate with recognized specialists and benefit from their advice to improve our solutions.

Visibility and Collaboration: Participating in this program gives us increased visibility with key industry players and investors. In addition, collaboration with other startups and established companies at Station F stimulates innovation and the exchange of best practices (Cyber@StationF).

Cutting-edge resources and infrastructure: Thales provides its technology platforms, such as the Thales Digital Platform (TDP) and TrustNest R-Cloud, to help startups develop, deploy and secure their applications. These advanced tools will enable Defants to push the boundaries of what is possible in cybersecurity (Thales Group).

Our contribution to Thales

At Defants, our goal is to optimize incident response and improve the productivity of cybersecurity teams. Our solutions leverage cutting-edge generative AI and automation to respond to cyber threats in real time. Here’s what we bring to Thales and its customers:

Task Automation: We automate routine tasks, freeing up valuable time for cybersecurity professionals so they can focus on more complex, strategic issues.

Improved productivity: Our tools are designed to integrate seamlessly into existing workflows, increasing the overall efficiency of cybersecurity operations.

SOC standardization: A major challenge for Thales is that each Security Operations Center (SOC) uses different methods, processes and tools. Our Defants vSIRT (Virtual Security Incident Response Team) solution can standardize these practices, providing a uniform and consistent approach to managing security incidents across Thales’s various SOCs.

Towards an Innovative Future in Cybersecurity

The integration of Defants into the Cyber@Station F program by Thales represents a significant recognition of our potential and expertise in cybersecurity. We look forward to leveraging Thales’ resources and network to accelerate our growth and innovate even faster. Together, we aim to make a significant impact on cybersecurity on a global scale.We will keep you regularly informed of our progress, learnings and the exciting developments that will emerge from this partnership. Stay tuned to follow this promising adventure!

For more information on the Cyber@Station F program by Thales, visit their official website (Cyber@StationF) .