Investigate cybersecurity incidents in a collaborative and automated way.

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The current context

Why this solution?

Once a cyberattack is detected, traditional digital investigation tools are time consuming and require technical knowledge that is in short supply. It can take weeks or even months for a company to fully understand the scope of a cyberattack and its extent.

200 days

On average to understand the scope of a cyberattack

4.24M €

The average cost of a


Missing profiles in cybersecurity in the world

Make the daily life of your experts easier

Your benefits

Defants vSIRT is designed to be interoperable with your existing solutions and brings essential automation to your experts and assists them in their investigation, with automatic scores standardized by the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

  • Stop time-consuming tasks for your experts

  • Focus on high-value tasks

  • Collaborate in real time on all your missions

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Semantic Investigation

How it works?

Traditional digital investigation tools consist in producing a multitude of text files (csv, excel, etc.). We have developed an innovative technology to propose a semantic investigation tool. Experts can then conduct their investigation in the form of a knowledge graph, to explore and discover complex attack paths.

A DFIR SaaS platform to serve your data

Defants vSIRT automates and pushes the limits of traditional investigation software.

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Main features

  • Automatic analysis and scoring of data from event logs, Live Response, etc.
  • Automatic triage of data from existing Indicators of Compromise.
  • Semantic detections to identify the tactics, techniques and procedures based on the MITRE ATT&CK framework.
  • Optimize your threat hunting by pivoting or on identical or similar technical elements.
  • Assistance in generating reports and attack timelines.

Why defants?

Defants is intended for all companies looking for a better and faster investigation tool.

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Who we are?

The Defants team

Thomas Maréchal

Chief Operating Officer

Thomas Raffineau Maréchal

A dual skill set focused on cybersecurity

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Francois Khourbiga

Chief executive officer

François Khourbiga

Cybersecurity expert with 19 years of experience

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David Fontaine

Chief technical officer

David Fontaine

Security architect and solution designer

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